laser filters

GP-DUAL Mechanism

The adjustable and practical design of the main frame ensures easy and robust installation between filter & extrusion line.

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Technical Specifications


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Melt Filters
Laser Fılters

Abilities of GP-2KF Mechanism?

All post-consumer and/or post-industrial plastic wastes’ input forms like films, stretches, flakes or granules of PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, PS, EPS, ABS, PVB can be filtered with best efficient, minimum loss and ensures minimum impurity range. Double stage filtering system cleans contaminated product from iron/steel, wood, paper, textile fibers, unmolten plastics, aluminium, sand, copper, stones etc.

Not only filtering capability advantage, but also, may be the most advantageous issue to ensure constant pressure of melt, continuous production under stabilized pressure, nearly constant MFI values and always same impurity level granules.


GP-2KF Filtering Machine

Expected operational costs can be less than traditional filtering methods.

Laser filters can be cleaned easily at pyrolysis furnace and can be used 3-4 times.

An innovative cardan joint system ensures minimal mechanical stress distribution


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