PP Pouches With a Single Material Are Sorted by Mondi

Melt Filters

It was discovered through testing that the company’s monomaterial polypropylene pouches and rollstock can be sorted into the proper recycling streams.

In order to demonstrate that its monomaterial polypropylene (PP) pouches and rollstock material can be sorted into the proper recycling streams, Mondi, a multinational packaging and paper manufacturer with offices in Austria and the United Kingdom, has successfully performed a number of tests. These experiments were carried out in conjunction with the National Test Centre Circular Plastics (NTCP) in the Netherlands and were created to ascertain the sortability of Mondi’s recyclable PP packaging by replicating genuine packaging waste management settings.

Mondi evaluated prefabricated spouted, standard, and retort pouches as well as top-web and thermoformed semirigid tray materials, according to a news release from the business. These are composed of PP and utilized in demanding applications that necessitate a high level of barrier protection, like wet pet food or processed meat.

The experiments, which mimicked real-world situations, showed that Mondi’s top web and thermoformed semirigid trays are successfully sorted into the right recycling stream. Premade pouches from Mondi were precisely spotted as well, establishing the bar for sorting streams that must yet be created across Europe in order to enable high-quality input for plastic recycling processes.

According to Marcel van Eijk, NTCP’s research and development manager, “We conduct independent testing and trials that help close the plastics cycle.” “We were able to extensively evaluate the sortability of Mondi’s packaging goods by simulating actual situations. We were able to demonstrate that different sorting streams can detect top-web and tray combinations, and that Mondi’s upright pouches support sorting methods that need to be created and applied on a bigger scale.

To meet the plastics recycling goals outlined in the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive of the European Commission, Thomas Kahl, channel manager of fast-moving consumer goods & industrial at Mondi Flexible Packaging, says sortation and recycling of plastic scrap must be “significantly improved.”

Melt Filters
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

In order to help achieve this goal, Kahl, a market leader, explains that “we are fully devoted to assessing the sorting performance for our packaging.” The results of the tests demonstrate that our monomaterial polypropylene packaging is identified and sorted into the appropriate sorting stream in cutting-edge waste management facilities. We are especially pleased that challenging applications, like pouches for retort-cooked pet food, were also successful.

The experiments are a part of the business’s Mondi Action Plan 2030 sustainability goals to create circularly driven solutions with cutting-edge paper and packaging solutions, maintain materials in circulation, and reduce waste. By 2025, Mondi intends for all of its packaging and paper products to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable. To this end, the company will closely collaborate with other cross-value chain organizations such as the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging and 4evergreen to eliminate unsustainable packaging and create uniform designs that adhere to circularity or recycling standards.

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