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This year’s Plastic Recycling Conference is held in Washington D.C. in collaboration with The Voice of Plastic Recycling, from March 7 to March 9, 2022. The conference is known for being the largest conference of its kind in North America. It brings plastic recycling experts together every year, and the industry’s more than 2000 professionals meet with those who are curious about the industry.

Vaccination card will be requested from event participants and mask and social distance rules will be applied at the event.

The Plastics Recycling Conference 2022 will discuss changes that are impacting the recycling market in a major way. Other factors will also be evaluated. During the conference, equipment suppliers, recycled resin customers, plastics processors and other industry members will have the chance to meet each other and form potential business partnerships. At the conference, the work of leading companies on the sustainability of plastic will be brought to the agenda. The conference will not only be a conference concept, but also a fairground where the brands of the industry will take place. Thus, the conference will not only bring up developments and solutions, but also offer the opportunity to acquire a strong business network in the industry.


Among the finalized speakers of the conference are the following names: Anne Bedarf, Global Packaging Sustainability Manager, Colgate-Palmolive ,Pete Keller, Vice President Recycling and Sustainability, Republic Services, Greg Janson, General Manager of Resin and Recycling, Evergreen, Kaitlyn Trent, Plastics Campaigner , Greenpeace, David Biderman, Executive Director and CEO, SWANA, Sarah Dearman, Emily Friedman, Pierre Benabides, Emily Tipaldo Executive Director, US Plastics Pact, Joel Morales, Steve Alexander, Cherish Miller, Vice President of Sustainability and Public Affairs, Revolution, and Michael Hodges, Vice President of Public Affairs, Amcor. 

For nearly 15 years, the Plastics Recycling Conference continues to be the focal point of the North American recycling industry, bringing together relevant people and institutions around the latest developments.


Cumberland, Talco Plastics, Inc, Star Plastics, PureCycle, Britas Filtration Systems, Republic Services, Avangard Innovative, Polyvel Inc, Sorema Plastics Recycling Systems, Herbold USA, Cross Wrap, Gncub, Schenck Process, Pellenc St, and Caltex Polymers Inc are among the main sponsors of the Plastic Recycling Conference 2022.

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