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The international plastic and rubber fair is held this year at ExpoCentre AO in Moscow from 25 to 28 January 2022 with the theme of “Recycling Solutions”.

676 exhibitors from 27 countries participated in the last Interplastica fair held in 2020, and the fair was visited by 24,950 visitors.

In 2022, secondly, a fairground has been determined at Interplastica: Recycling Solutions.

According to the press release of Messe Düsseldorf, which organizes the fair, regarding this fair theme, recycling and sustainability are becoming more popular day by day and the number of companies that keep up with this transformation is increasing.  Companies not only make plastic recycling a part of their production and business processes, but also seek the answer to the question of what more can be done to reduce waste output with the motto of zero waste, to protect natural and commercial resources, and to act responsibly towards the environment, that is, they follow the developments in plastic recycling constantly.

Russia and Recycling

In terms of these developments, the waste management and recycling practices of Russia becoming a candidate for the future environmental protection market are among the topics included in the press release. The fact that the need for modernization in this area is not ignored by the Russian government is cited as one of the most important reasons why it has become one of the candidate countries to be a pioneer in waste management. The government starts this recycling modernization from the municipalities. Russia has completed the necessary legal arrangements for municipalities to have adequate and developed recycling infrastructures in the next few years’ recycling plans. Investments are made in recycling facilities. Even manufacturers and importers have to carry out their trade and production according to their recyclability rates.

Considering all this, it is clear that Russia is a promising, growing and voluminous market for the recycling industry and its suppliers.

This is the main reason why a exhibition space for Recycling Solutions was created at Interplastica 2022. In addition, the success of participation in 2020 has been a kind of proof that the recycling theme will be even more successful.

In this fair area, besides bringing together the demanders and suppliers of recycling, a high-level conference program on recycling has also been prepared. In this conference program, not only the solutions, but also the new plastic recycling problems will be mentioned, and the reviews of the companies that are the representatives of these technologies will be included.

According to the statistics of Messe Düsseldorf, 40% of the visitors visited the recycling fairground and 96% were highly satisfied with this theme. The main product groups in the exhibition area themed Recycling Solutions include recycling raw materials, recyclers, pelletizers, separation technologies, compounding lines, shredding technologies and recycling plants.

Exhibitors will benefit from a special area reserved for recycling technology companies in Recycling Solutions. In addition, this fair area will be highlighted in press releases and online.

In Interplastica 2022, there will be around 600 participants from 26 countries. The number of visitors this year is expected to be over 25,000.

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