In the fall, Revolution Plastics will organize a conference on recycling plastics.

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The University of Portsmouth will host the conference to discuss creative solutions to the worldwide plastics challenge.

In the fall, the University of Portsmouth in Hampshire, England, will host PlasticsFuture 2022, a conference on plastic recycling. Revolution Plastics, a university organization working tobring together scientists , business executives, activists, and people to change how plastic is produced and discarded, is the organization hosting the event.

According to Steve Fletcher, director of the Global Plastics Policy Centre at the University of Portsmouth, “our goal is to establish a conference unlike any other.” “Technology doesn’t have all the answers; to address the global plastic challenge, we want to look at additional undiscovered sources. We think that by integrating a variety of academic fields under one roof, we will spark innovative ideas that will give policymakers a solid evidence base to work from.

The conference’s main objective will be to disseminate research and initiatives from a wide range of stakeholders, including academics, activists, local residents, members of nongovernmental organizations, business leaders, and professionals from across the world. Experts will discuss recent developments, share their experience, and offer fascinating new insights in the fight against plastic pollution.

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According to Fletcher, one of the keynote speakers, “the conference’s transdisciplinary orientation will allow a more comprehensive holistic approach to solving plastics concerns and integrate knowledge from all subject sectors.” PlasticsFuture 2022   will ultimately introduce a new philosophical perspective to combating plastic pollution.

Among the keynote speakers are:

-Von Hernandez, a Filipino environmentalist who is the movement’s global coordinator and one of Asia’s leading environmentalists.

-Nelson Munyiri is the creator of the Mukuru Youth Initiative , which empowers youth to act as change agents in their communities.

-Judi Wakhungu, who will also present at Plastics Future 2022, is Kenya’s ambassador to the French Republic, Portugal, Serbia, and the Holy See. She was Kenya’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources from 2013 until 2018.

Nov. 1-3 will see Plastics Future 2022 at the University of Portsmouth. In July, registration begins. The conference’s organizers are currently soliciting abstracts, quick presentations, posters, performances, exhibitions, and proposals to lead workshops or moderate panels.

The Global Plastics Policy Centre, located at the University of Portsmouth, aims to provide governments and industry organizations with the data they need to make better decisions on plastic policies and identify long-term solutions to combat plastic pollution globally.

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