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Melt Filters


Double stage blades-holder (hollow internally) collects the contamination from the surface of the screens.
– It is recommended that the 1st stage blades purify 500μ (Depends on the melt contamination) impurities

Blades are installed on the main hub and rotates continuously depending on pressure level. If the melted plastic consists high impurity level, rotational speed increases gradually. For low impurity levels, rotational speed descends.


Heat Resistant

Heat resistant installed on all surfaces ensures homogenous temperature for plastic to be melted and collects data from all sensors.


Two Rotating Blades

– At each stage, two rotating blades are positioned at an angle 180° and sweeps the impurities towards the centre of the hub. There is a screw positioned in the hub to push forward the filtered remains towards the outlet of the hub.


PID Control

Rotational speed of the screw is automatically adjusted due to PID control. This speed doesn’t need an operator’s control. It can all be done automatically.


Water Cooler

A water cooler installed to the output of the screw hub to get semi melted out-put fraction.


PLC System

Depending on ΔP, PLC system decides the rotational speed of sweeper blades and hub-screw the dirty remains get discharged from the mechanism.

-An innovative cardan joint system ensures minimal mechanical stress distribution.

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Melt Filters

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